How to Choose the Airline that Suits You Best

There are so many airlines, flying to so many places that people have long lost the ability to be able to judge the inherent qualities of different airlines. At one time there were a dozen airlines covering the many destinations which people wanted to fly to, yet trying to compare flight prices today is a nightmare – where to start!? It seems that there are always special offers being released and many people tend to just go for the cheapest airline. This often times though equates to a false economy. For example, an indirect flight to Bangkok can be purchased for as little as £400, but that may involve flying with an airline which average service and then a long time in a very average airport. While this deal may be the same for young, backpacking travellers, it is not ideal for business travellers, or those with only a short amount of time who would rather not spend their time wasting time in a soulless airport.

Compare international flights

For this reason, Holiday Shoppers compare flight prices UK and flight prices international in order to all you to compare international flight prices for yourself. We tell you just how long you will be spending in an airport, as well as giving you information about the airlines which fly the route. We do not offer any services which we have not sampled ourselves, and this means that you can be sure that if we say an airline is good then you can be sure that it is true. Back to the Bangkok example, Thai Airways, British Airways and Eva Air all fly direct, usually for around the £700 mark, but these airlines offer great in-flight service and get you to your destination in around 10 hours – a decent time for such a long flight. The price versus time calculation is one which you must make yourself, based on your culturally relative perspective on the issue.

Best of the best – compare flight prices internationally

The fact that we compare flight prices on your behalf makes life a lot easier for you. We shop around, so that you don’t have to and will always offer you a wide choice of flights to choose from, accentuating the positives and highlighting the negatives of each airline and allowing you to make the choice which is most suitable to your specific intentions. There are, on occasion, some truly amazing special offers which airlines offer and if you register with us, we can inform you when some of these offers become available. They are usually only available for a limited time period, so when comparing international flight prices, be sure to remember that special offers can and do change the standard prices by significant amounts. Compare flight prices UK to the world with us and we are sure that you will not find a wider and cheaper selection of top quality flight packages. Holiday Shopper have a team of staff whose only role is to constantly monitor airline prices and bring the cheapest deals back to you. Furthermore, airlines know of this and are always bringing their own special deals to our attention, a cycle of prudence which can only be a benefit to our customers.