Because of financial setbacks around the world, everyone has had to cut back on their finances. However, ‘where there is a will there is a way’ and working hard all year round with no reward is the fast lane to madness. Shopping around you can find some cheap holidays for exotic and delightful weathered vacation destinations. Once the flight and hotel are paid for, it actually is up to you how much you want to spend whilst there. More and more people are realising that a few small changes and adaptions during the vacation doesn’t make your holiday any less enjoyable, in fact, it can sometimes make it even better. Below are some ideas that may help your budget last a little longer if you choose to incorporate them into your holiday.

Two basics of saving money on holiday

For reasons I don’t know, many tourists are under the impression that their country is the only place that has a working, government transportation system. Rather than walking the streets and ask a local or even the concierge at a hotel for directions, instead, most tourists will quite happily splurge on ridiculously expensive cab fares for a 20-minute trip. If your hotel is slightly dingy and dark with no facilities except the bottle bank near the entrance, then don’t be afraid to wonder into the luxurious poolside areas located around many other resorts. Because these are so overcrowded, you will be able to blend in quite nicely unnoticed. But if and when they do happen to see you, they’ll ask you to buy at least one drink, which I think is a fair price to pay for using their amenities.

Scrimping on food and drinks

For your basics such as water, snacks and toiletries, find out where the local supermarket chain is located. Whilst it’s good to support small businesses, many of these are doing well enough due to the amount of tourists visiting the area, therefore, any excuse for charging the prices some of them do is unwarranted, to say the least. If you are holidaying in a hot country, then buy as much water at the supermarket as you can carry. There is nothing more painful than waking up with a hangover and not having some sort of liquid by your side to neck down as quickly as possible. On the subject of excessive drinking, it is worth sampling the local alcoholic beverages. Not only are most incredibly strong (Greek ouzo in mind) they are easy on your pockets too. Bringing a bottle or two down to the beach or kicking back on the balcony with them is a fabulous way to start the adventure of a boozy night out. Whilst it’s lovely to wine and dine on the main strip of any holiday resort, you are probably going to get better food at a more reasonable price if you explore a little more. Due to the location of many of the well-known restaurants, they can afford to charge sky-high prices for their food. The best advice is to research on the internet a little bit and see what recommendations and reviews you can find regarding hidden eateries in the local area. 9 times out of 10, this will pay off, and you will get to experience authentic local cuisine, rather than dishes tailored to holidaying tourists.

One thing I particularly use to do myself was to buy a bread roll, packet of crisps and a tin of tuna. I would then make a sandwich in my room and bring it to the beach for lunch. Eating good food on a holiday is delightful, but if you are on a budget, understanding the concept of “when you are full you are full” can certainly help.

Don’t be a cheapskate. You are on vacation so enjoy yourself as much as you can with the money you have. But if you do end up stretching your budget to its limit, question what really makes you happy and you will soon realise how much can really be saved, satisfaction guaranteed.