You don’t just go to Southeast Asia for the exotic and delicious food and the stunning beaches. While it’s the perfect place to achieve your goals pertaining to beaches and food, did you know you can also cross out the adventure ones there too?

In fact, most travellers who have been to Southeast Asia would even say it’s the best place in the world to get your adventure fix. If you are one of the thrill-seekers who want to experience as much adventure as you can cram into your vacation, you should definitely check Southeast Asia out. There is so much to do and experience there, and new activities just keep popping up. You would just keep adding items to your bucket list while still crossing out some because Southeast Asia just doesn’t seem to run out of new activities for you to try

Kayaking In Thailand’s Phang Nga Bay

Apart from checking in on the best luxury hotels Thailand has to offer, another thing that should be on you bucket list is kayaking along Phang Nga Bay. Not only is this something that appeared on a James Bond movie, it’s also home to beautiful seagrass beds, coral reefs and mangroves. Go ahead and rent a kayak and explore! Pretend you are on a river and jungle adventure like those you see in movies.

Canyoning In Cebu, Philippines

When we speak of natural fairy tale spots, the Philippines is a treasure trove of those. In Cebu alone, you would be entranced with the exhilarating adventures that are a hundred percent authentic. Among those things that you should give a try is canyoning in the popular Kawasan Falls, where you can challenge yourself by going cliff-jumping off of a 30-metre jump, rappelling down without a harness, hiking, swimming and going down a rock water slide.

Trekking From Myanmar’s Kalaw To Inle Lake

One of the things that really get our adventurous spirits going is actually feeling it in our legs. You may feel the pain and soreness from hiking and trekking, but Myanmar doesn’t let you even regret it. From going to Kalaw and then trekking to see Inle Lake for yourself, you wouldn’t be thinking that all that walking was, well, unnecessary, because it’s all amazing and breath-taking to see Myanmar in person – from their naturally beautiful views and spots to their remarkable Myanmar luxury resorts. Villagers are nice and friendly too so you wouldn’t feel like a tourist at all there.

Zip Lining In Malaysia’s Bukit Tinggi’s Flying Fox

Another thrill-seeking activity that will make you feel like your heart is going to jump out of your chest any minute is zip lining in Bukit Tinggi. Try soaring 150 metres above the ground at 70-80 kph until you’re practically in the clouds. It’s breath-taking; literally, your breath is going to get knocked out of you. It’s a thrill-seeker’s dream. These are just some of the many activities that you should definitely add to your bucket list for your Southeast Asian adventure.