Spicy delights

Thailand has a well deserved reputation for being the home of some of the finest food in the world. It’s local chillies are well known as some of the hottest in the world, but there is more to Thai food than just spice. Our Thailand expert, James Standaford has written the following recommendation based on his time visiting the country, and we want to share it with our customers in order to make their trip to Thailand a little easier.


Masaman curry is one of the lesser known Thai curries, overshadowed by the ‘red’ and ‘green’ curries in the West, Masaman is a very popular choice inside Thailand. Masaman would be defined as a ‘yellow’ curry, but is of a very different texture and taste to the spicy red/green varieties. Masaman is a very spicy dish which originates from the north of Thailand, it is creamy and usually contains peanuts, potatoes and beef. Masaman can be found all over the country, yet most foreigners do not know to ask for it, so if you are planning to visit Thailand then remember the name – you won’t be disappointed.

Larb/Nam Tok

Larb and Nam Tok are two similar dishes which originate from the North East of Thailand. These dishes are very spicy, but are some of the most delicious dishes the country has to offer. Nam Tok is strips of grilled meat, marinaded in spices and served with a salad, Larb follows an identical recipe but instead of grilled meat, minced meat is used. Both dishes go well with the local speciality of coconut ‘sticky rice’ and act as a great accompaniment to ‘Som Tam’ the local spicy papaya salad. Thais eat in groups, so if you visit a Thai restaurant with a friend/friends be sure to order a few different dishes, sample all of them and see which ones you like best. Once you have sampled everything, there are many cooking schools that you may wish to register at in order to learn how to make these extra special dishes once you get home. Imagine how impressed your friends would be if you came home with a new set of cooking skills – especially if it is such a popular and in demand choice as Thai food, which is often very expensive in restaurants back home, yet in Thailand can cost as little as fifty pence for a meal.