There comes a time in your life when you lose some of yourself to a tragic event or maybe a sudden change in your life that just sends your mind reeling. Where your life would be flipped upside down and now you’re left with something you don’t know how to handle anymore. That feeling of the rug being pulled from under you all of a sudden, and then left to fall unto nothing. Into either darkness or absolute blank nothingness.

Some of us are lucky enough not to have to go through that, but more often than not, we really do experience something as jarring as that. It could be a death, a loss of a place to live or a job, a sudden falling out between friends or family, an emptiness after your passion for something you love runs out, etc. There are so many reasons why you would want to leave home and travel all on your own.

Walk, Stop, Look and Breathe

When something bad happens, there will be this feeling of being trapped. A suffocation that comes out of nowhere that you can’t explain. All of a sudden, your family seems too coddling and in-your-face. The friends that you love and care for are suddenly people you just cannot stand. The air you freaking BREATHE at home, at school and at work is toxic. Voices, even whispered ones, are so loud loud LOUD and it takes a moment for you to realise that you want to get away from it all.

So you do.

You get your stuff, you leave your house without preamble (because sometimes it even feels so suffocating to tell your loved ones that you’ll be leaving) no matter how selfish it seems, and you walk. You walk to think and most importantly, you walk so you don’t think. Go somewhere you don’t know and once your brain is back in reality after you walk, you look around and see what this side of the world has to offer and you BREATHE. Breathe, because you are away and no one you know is looking.

Because at the end of the day, what your soul really needs is freedom.

Find yourself?

Find something. Does it have to be someone? A new hobby? Something that takes a deep root in your soul that you didn’t think would have a place in you. Sometimes, all it really takes to make yourself complete is a new passion to focus yourself on. Sometimes, it’s a person that you would discover is actually your very own soulmate or maybe just a very good friend. And sometimes, it’s just the adventure itself.

New air. New place. New food. New people.

Will it make you selfish to go off on your own and leave your people behind temporarily without telling them anything? Yes, definitely.

If it was for your own happiness, your own peace of mind, your own mental stability and metal health, IS it worth it? Abso-freaking-lutely.