How is it always possible to become such a different person after being away from home for a period of time? Why does that always happen to people? What is out there that changes us and turns us into better people? People that are the same as before we left yet also changed?

I’ll tell you what; there are different PEOPLE out there.

There are more humans out there that have different mind sets than the ones you always hang out with or meet on a daily basis at home. More humans with different cultures and different lives. They have different point of views and have really different views that they see every day. Different from yours.

You meet this people and talk to them. You then become a lot more aware of your differences and in order to come to an understanding (language-wise and more), you adapt into their ways and vice versa. Their point of view can change some of your own views of the world and how you think. It’s why when you get back home, you change.

And we haven’t even talked about the different kinds of experiences you’ve had while travelling out there.

These travelling life lessons were acquired through your own efforts. And these are what you will notice that have actually become you.

You become more appreciative

You normally don’t get a lot of luxuries when travelling, especially if you’re not that rich. Because of this, anything you receive out there from the locals bring you a lot of happiness.

You don’t sweat the small stuff anymore

“You have bigger fish to fry”, is the other saying. How can you even be upset about small things when you have bigger problems to think about?

You become humble (or humbler)

That tends to happen when you’re constantly being placed in different and unfamiliar places. You come back still having that same mind set too.

You’re more comfortable (for leaving your comfort zone)

Some of the things you experience out there can really make you uncomfortable. So coming back where everything is comfortable and familiar will definitely make you more comfortable moving.

You’re more persevering

You stay determined, that’s for sure. After all, when you’re out there you can’t just be docile. There are a lot of more things to see.

You’re more open-minded

I bet you’re barely surprised with anything after a good whole week or month of being outside your country. You’ve become more accepting too, which is great in this era of the world.

You’re cautious but learnt to be more loose too

We need to understand that the majority of the world doesn’t actually have an ulterior motive for helping you. It’s easy to talk to strangers now but of course, you know what important things to keep to yourself.