You wold think that the most important object to ever bring during a trip were clothes or toiletries. No, it’s the phone and the portable charger. Sure, you can argue that the clothes and toiletries are very much important, but nobody ever really forgets to bring them since everyone knows you literally cannot go on a long trip without them.

So instead, the one thing that we often forget to bring is a charger.

But then again, there isn’t going to be a socket everywhere you go. Heaven forbid your phone dies in the woods and you’re in need of an emergency. So really, if you haven’t already, buy a portable charger, one that chargers about 4 phones in full before it dies and you need to charge it for 8 hours or more.

At least, that’s the kind of portable charger I have.

The importance of a portable charger

Knowing that smartphones are more important nowadays than they were back then, it would be a nightmare if any of us would be left with a dead phone for an hour. Or maybe less than that.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, as much as your grandparents would scoff at you or something, we really have gone to the point where a majority of us on this planet could NOT go on without our phones. How many times have you panicked when you didn’t fine your phone in your pocket? Only for you to find it in your bag or on the desk or maybe the fridge? That moment of panic is enough as proof.

You shouldn’t have to worry much about your phone dying from low battery if you have a portable charger along with you. There are even some that are small enough to look like phones, which will make it look like you’ve been carrying two phones around. And of course there are some that are slightly bigger and bulkier than your own phone, which are probably the ones that can carry a lot of energy for your phone for you.

It’s really up to you.

The point is that you should have one for yourself. I made sure that I got mind early on because I know I’m a little obsessed with my phone myself. How can I not be? It helps me a lot and I’ve got my videos and books in there. It’s currently storing about 200-400 stories so I can’t really let go of it. I get to read a lot thanks to it.

Aside from that, work gets easier with my phone. If I ever was to travel, I would definitely need it full-charged so I can access the map, accommodation and so on. So it doubles as entertainment (distraction) and guide. You wouldn’t want that kind of device dying on you out there.