Packing for a vacation, no matter how short it may be, is always a struggle. You normally wouldn’t know what to bring with you and you end up packing your whole closet. Here, are three versatile outfits that we’ve put together to help make your packing process a little lighter and easier for you. A few packing tips have also been included for less-stress packing process. First, let’s check out the outfits we’ve created for your vacation:

Outfit 1 – Three S’s

Shorts, shirts and sandals. This combination is best for travelling. It could easily go from the airport, to a resort or to wherever your holiday will take you. First, the sandals are quite easy to take off when you get to the airports. The shorts and the shirt is a perfect combination for an easy breezy outfit. The belt adds a nice touch and keeps this outfit combination comfortable while still being stylish. One other great thing about this combination is that this can all be donned interchangeably with all other selections, making more room for packing.

Outfit 2 – Shorts, Shirts, Sneakers, Necklace, Ring

This is a great combination for playing around amusement or theme parks all day or just lounging out in the sun. Sneakers keep your pretty little feet comfortable all day as these shoes are made for walking. This combination can be swapped interchangeably with Outfit 1 to create another whole new outfit. Add a necklace and some rings, then you are set for a whole day of fun. Put on a pair of sun shades and don’t forget a little purse to complete the look. Mixing and matching is the secret to creating a whole new wardrobe.

Outfit 3 – Sun-Dress, Shoes, Necklace, Headband

While packing for your vacation, it is always a nice idea to bring a long a nice convertible sundress that can be worn for dinner and for walking in the sun. For day wear, you can wear it over your bikini and pair it with your sandals. If you’re going to dinner, you can pair it with a cute ballet flats that matches your purse, and an adorable headband. Add to it a piece of conversational necklace. Voila! There you have it! Three cute easy outfits that you can pack along in your suitcase for your summer trip. It’s always a great idea to plan your outfits in advance and pack versatile pieces that you can mix and match. Once you have your outfits figured out, you now have more packing room in your suitcase.

Plane Ride Book Bag

You might also want to pack a book bag for your plane ride. You can use your book bag to hold your purse in with snacks and a book. Here’s a list of other items you can out inside your book bag to make your plane ride more bearable:

– headphones and iPod – your Kindle or Nook or some books
– portioned snack packs which are the perfect size for the plane ride
– pens and a journal where you can write a list of things to do on your holiday
– wallet with cash, ID, credit cards, etc
– sun shades
– hand lotion in a travel bottle
– small-sized hand sanitizer

It’s also a nice idea to have a carry-on case that has wheels on it, you don’t want to be carrying a heavy suitcase around the airports. Your back will be ever grateful to you for this. That’s it! An overview for holiday shoppers on what to pack when going on a holiday to make it a little less stressful, affording you a little more fun on your vacation. Bon voyage!