Have you ever experienced a devastating heartbreak? Don’t worry if you have experienced one; you are definitely not alone. Every day, millions of people go into an emotional, mental, and spiritual breakdown because someone whom they devote their love so much just shattered their trust, respect, admiration, and dreams. Every day, married couples break up even after many years of marriage. Loving sweethearts are left to tears as their partners turn away from them for some reason. Worse, the stronger the bond that was shared, the greater the pain from the break-up.

Many people give in to their sorrows. But for some, they decide to find a way to move on with their lives. And one of the best ways to mend a broken heart is to go travelling to other places. The healing power of visiting other places is truly immense and effective:

1. Travelling allows you to get away from familiar places and activities that you and your ex shared before.

While living in your home city, you probably would have seen or visited the same restaurant that you and your ex usually visit during anniversaries. Perhaps you may live near the amusement park where you had your first date with your ex. These places bring back nostalgic memories, but they do nothing to heal your heart. When you see the places and activities that your ex shared, you’ll be more heartbroken than ever as you remember your special moments together.

Do you see what I’m driving at? It is better to go out of your hometown, even temporarily, and travel to prevent yourself from reminiscing your ex’s moments.

2. Travelling enables you to become busy experiencing something new.

Yes, we know that when you travel, you’ll be able to visit world-famous attractions, interact with locals, or undertake thrilling adventures. What does this have to do with mending a broken heart? Well, when you do these things, you tend to enjoy yourself so much that you gradually forget anything regarding your ex. For example, you become so preoccupied and focused when you try rock climbing for the first time in Majorca that you think of nothing, not even your ex, except to reach the top.

3. Travelling allows you to meet new people who may be better or more interesting than your ex.

Part of a great travel experience is to meet new people, be it locals or fellow travellers. Along the way, you usually find someone who sparks your interest. That someone may be very physically appealing, may share the same passion as you do, or has a better attitude than your ex. Oh, don’t laugh. I met my new boyfriend during one of my travels.

4. Nature is a great healer.

There’s something very spiritual when you see the vista below a mountaintop, when you witness a spectacular sunset at the beach, or when you swim in a waterfall-fed lagoon. Travelling keeps you in touch with Mother Nature. As many travellers attest, Mother Nature has a mysterious way of healing your soul.

Go open up that laptop and start looking for holiday deals that will help you mend your broken heart.