Being unmotivated is horrible. Whether you are not motivated to work or to get up and live your life, or anything at all, it’s just an awful thing to feel. Humans are supposed to be driven to do something, to want something. That’s what and who we are. But whenever something happens or if our mind and soul is just too tired to get up on a certain day, the feeling leaves us useless and depressed.

What’s the best way of getting back on track? Is there a secret to this or something?

Well, from my own personal experience, sometimes shopping pulls me out of a funk. Maybe it’s the need of a change that makes us feel trapped and unmotivated because nothing is moving no matter how hard we work? Shopping might not really do much, but it’s the fact that you’re seeing a physical change, something that’s new, that brightens up the house. Shopping for something or some things new can help in that regard. It’s a little like how we often feel better if we see so much colours.

So after doing the shopping and getting some fresh air for once, make sure you get back to work because the best way to motivate oneself is to just get started on the work you need to do.

Start small

You are not going to get anywhere if you go into your work all gung-ho like after just getting out of your funk. Start small and slow with your work. Make your way up to it until you slowly feel your mojo come back. Motivation comes back during the process and you won’t even notice it.

No distractions

Once you are fully back on the groove, get rid of the distractions. Get rid of it from your everyday work life too, just so you won’t get side-tracked from what you were supposed to do. Distractions are your worst enemy here since it’s also one of the things that makes you unmotivated.

Have people be on your back

Easier said than done. However, you will find it very rewarding if you do have people who have your back. Have them see your progress and tell them about what you are doing.

Get motivation from other people

Whether they be people you know or don’t just make sure that they are the positive ones. It can be hard to let go of friends you’ve known for a long time, but you need to spend time with the positive-minded ones so you can be driven further.

Play music

It gives you energy and sometimes even hypes you up, depending on the song you are listening to. You would be surprised what sort of energy you draw from different kinds of songs. It makes you feel like you’re in a movie.