People travel for a bunch of reasons and it’s always different with each person. It also depends on the person itself. You could go travel because you have work-related stuff to do. You could also travel to go visit a relative or a friends. You also travel because it’s a vacation or something or a bucket list that you can hopefully cross out. Then there are those who travel because they intend to find something about themselves that needed to be found.

There are a lot of triggers that make people want to go travelling for such a reason. It usually means that an emotional trauma has happened and they wish to take a break from everything they knew and from those who know them. Travelling is sort of a therapy for most.

Are you looking to travel for the same reason? And if yes, what are you going to do once you’re out there?


One thing that always takes our mind off of things is seeing the ocean and how huge it is compared to our home and the life we have there. Windsurfing has this magical ability of doing two things for you. One, the water is meditative, helping us relax and unwind. Two, the wind gets you to manoeuvre, therefore making your brain focus on this one thing instead of the things you left behind.


The best thing about yoga is that you can do it anywhere (well, not ANYWHERE). Travelling gives you an excuse to do yoga at the beach or in the mountains. Yoga is about breathing and how to make the most of it. Breathing in the salty breeze from the beach, or the fresh kind from the mountains is like gaining ten more years into your life back.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is an exercise and an adventure melded into one thing. You get to see what the country you visited has to offer while you pump air into your system and sweat out the stress. Your focus is going to be on climbing the rock or the mountain, not on things that you shouldn’t be thinking. Your mind would be on more peaceful things while your body gets tested on how healthy it could be.


Treat yourself. If you couldn’t go to spas right where you’re from, then you can go to spas in the area of where you went to travel to. Japan especially has amazing spas and onsen that are known to help you relax while you get to have amazing service. Hot springs, in particular, helps you lose all those negative energies resting in your body.


Cycling is that one exercise that isn’t as tortuous as jogging but isn’t as lazy as just walking. You get to sight-see faster than when you’re walking while exercising a bit. The adrenaline from cycling in particular is amazing.