Why would you even want to go travelling during a peak season where everyone else on the planet was going on vacation too? When the prices for pretty much anything vacation-related were through the roof and tourist spots get way over-crowded?

No thanks.

Autumn is the best season for me, personally, since it’s the part of the year that it gets REALLY beautiful. With a really unpredictable yet windy weather accompanied with fiery foliage all around us, it’s a picture perfect season to go vacationing. Besides, it’s the season of Halloween, where it gets spookier and the festivals are basically all over the place. That’s a lot more ideal than going away for the summer, when everyone else is also somewhere.

So where do we go during this year’s autumn?


The countless white-sand coastlines, exotic yards, and beautifully forested mountains and its tops made such an impact on the French during the 600th century that they called most of the villages after their beauty. Grenada’s area, just north of Venezuela, is partially to give thanks to for its thick landscape dotted with yards as well as rain forests. It will certainly not stay by doing this for life, however, and also there’s no better time to see than currently. While the climate stays pleasant year-round, the rate of travel goes fortunately goes down since it’s not during the peak season, before the rush of tourists at Christmastime.


Though Lapland travel is usually reserved for the winter, there is much to see in the off-season also. Not to mention these views are well worth the cost of a transatlantic flight– as is the opportunity to avoid the holiday groups. For some parts of this planet that we usually connect with monochromatic tones of white and black due to limitless snow and the endless nights, and the occasional green lights we see during the flash of the Northern Lights, Lapland is surprisingly colourful as well as dynamic in other times of the year. Lapland is referred to having about 8 seasons, since the nuanced adjustments in the light highly affect the aesthetic environment.


While the Maasai Mara is famous whenever of year (and we have to credit the time when it’s so green there during March to June), there’s nothing we enjoy far better than fields of gold. You will feel like you’ve landed in heaven once you step unto those fields of gold in October as well as November when every little thing is discoloured to dazzling tones of orange and charred yellow. It’s as if the sun had resided in the world, and the magnificent creatures that stroll upon this substantial stretch of wilderness are just as spectacular– though we like the under-appreciated zebras, the social organizers of the Eastern African plains never seem to get much attention, in our point of view. Definitely one of the best places to go during autumn.