You see them. They come in different ages, genders, sizes and shapes, but they always have one common thing about them – a book on their lap, or on their hand. You get puzzled at how these bookworms go about with their vacation with the crisp pages of a book between their fingers. Why bother to go on a holiday in the first place, you wonder, if they would rather spend the time reading?

If you’ve come across this article, you probably want to understand those people who can’t go on a holiday without having a book as their one constant companion. Be it with a new one to read or a favourite page-turner, you think these people may feel that a vacation isn’t complete without bringing along at least one book.

So what is it about books that make them must-haves in a vacation that is supposed to be meant for enjoying the place, the people, the activities and the food?

1. It offers a good escape.

Like a doorway to another place, you only have to open one good book. It could be a compelling biography of a historical figure or an entertaining children’s contemporary fiction, it could be about anything under the sun. You only have to start reading and you’d already feel like you are transported to another world.

A vacation could turn out to be a bore or a place could fall short of your expectation. When this happens, you’d rather enjoy your time lounging around, occupied with reading a book. You just pick a nice spot to sit on, and you’re ready to explore a much-preferred place, within the pages of a good book.

2. It’s a perfect companion when you don’t feel like socialising.

Especially when you are an introvert, there are just times when you don’t like being around people and engaging in chitchats. There are times you would rather be on your own. You whip your book out and it would be a sign for people to leave you alone.

3. It provides entertainment without the need for gadgets.

You probably are vacationing in a place where the internet is non-existent or worse, there’s no electricity. With a book, you don’t need any of those things. When you start reading, it makes you feel like you are watching a movie and it doesn’t even use up any battery, except when it’s night time and you need a flashlight or a lantern to be able to continue reading, but you could always have a candle lit.

4. You get to learn new things while waiting.

When you are waiting for your scheduled tour around the island you are vacationing in, you can spend the time reading a book on The Art Of War by Sun Tzu, for example. It will help you learn a bit of military strategy and tactics without leaving the area. It’s waiting time well spent.

Those are just some of the reasons that give you a bit of a glimpse into the minds of the people who like bringing along with them a book or two. You may want to start bringing a book as well on your next vacation.

Just as vacation can rejuvenate our bodies by giving us a break from our daily work routines, the books can do the same for the minds. Reading a good book is like giving our mind a vacation to a place or idea yet unexplored.